eMMRP Energy Repair Raleigh Square Steam & Condensate System
Kittery, ME

Owner – US Navy – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Completed September 2019
Owner’s Representative – Naval facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

GVC was the prime contractor on this Design/Build Utility project at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in
Kittery, ME. The Raleigh Square Intersection has the highest vehicular and pedestrian traffic at PNSY and
was strictly coordinated by both Shipyard Command and GVC to avoid delays to shipyard operations.
Highlights of this project included:
800 LF of existing steam & condensate piping removal & disposal
Surplus Soils & Hazardous materials handing & disposal to Turnkey Landfill
Retrofit of existing concrete utility tunnels to accept a pre-engineered steam & condensate piping
system suitable for direct burial
Cast-in-Place Concrete steam manhole reconstruction
Traffic & pedestrian controls
Surface restoration, paving & striping