Bluestar Business Park Leonard Street Roadway/Route 123 Intersection & Off-Site Utilities
Norton, MA

Owner- Condyne Capital Partners
Owner’s Representative – Condyne Engineering & The BSC Group
Completed May 2021

GVC was the prime contractor working directly for the Developer and performed all the off-site utilities intersection improvements and municipal betterments for Bluestar Business Park in Norton MA.
Highlights of this project included:
+5,000 LF of C909 PVC Force Main installed on Route 123
+20-foot-deep duplex Pump Station to serve Blue Star Properties
+1500 LF of Gravity Sewer and sewer manholes
Force Main bridge crossings with P-401 CLDI pipe under the supervision of Mass DOT District 5
E. Main St (Rte. 123) over Canoe River
E. Main St (Rte. 123) over Interstate 495
Leonard Street Reconstruction including drainage culverts, Bioretention Areas, wetlands replication,
curbing, sidewalks, partial depth roadway reconstruction, milling and final paving
E. Main St (Rte. 123) and Leonard Street Traffic Signalization & Widening to support the truck traffic into Blue Star Business Park.